How to Choose a Otolaryngologist according to John Burgoyne

doc - How to Choose a Otolaryngologist according to John Burgoyne

John Burgoyne is a specialized doctor as an otolaryngologist and head and neck surgery. He had his career at the University of Utah and currently serves clients in Seattle. He’s one of the best specialists in the city, and he gave us some tips to know how to choose a great otolaryngologist:

What Is It?

The Otolaryngologist is the ear, nose or throat (ENT) specialist, who will be in charge of reviewing any problem, pain or illness located in any of those places. In case you need one, it’s because you have some kind of constant discomfort in some of those three places.

doctor - How to Choose a Otolaryngologist according to John Burgoyne


You can check how much experience they have about ENT because it’s your health that will be at stake, so the more experience they have in these cases the better the result will be for you and confidence will also grow, said Dr. John.

You can even search it from the internet since many users put their experiences and criticisms on some doctors in particular.


Communication is very important, especially with your doctor because he’s the one who should tell you all your symptoms or pains to know what to do, if you don’t have enough confidence, you can change it.

But you should always tell everything that’s happening to you in reference to anything from ENT, and see if he calms your doubts or helps you to clarify them because that’s the most important.

Check If They Have ENT Credentials

One of the best bits of advice Dr. John gives is to check the credentials of ENT which they have corresponded to the association gives them, that way you will know if it’s a truly qualified doctor to evaluate you, sufficiently trained.

And there you can also check if the doctor hasn’t had any problems with a patient for bad practice or other things.


Through the references is one of the best ways to find out which is the best doctor in your area. Try to be sure the information you are giving is true, so you can call any consultant they give you and ask.

Only you can take care of you enough, worry about any symptom or strange pain you see or feel, go to the people who know more, the doctors so you can have a proper care with yourself.

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