The Biggest 3 Differences between Obstetrics and Gynecology

doctor woman - The Biggest 3 Differences between Obstetrics and Gynecology

Many people tend to confuse the functions of obstetrics and gynecology. They think these fields are kind of the same. They are clearly in the wrong, even though these fields are strongly related, they are by far very different. If you’ve always wondered the biggest differences between obstetrics and gynecology, here are 3 Minor & James found helpful for you to know.


First, let’s start off by defining what obstetrics are, and this type of doctor is mainly involved to pregnancies, by giving attention to the care of the woman before and after giving birth, and of course, the baby.


This field is more on the side of the care and the health of the reproductive systems of the woman.

It doesn’t take off the pregnancy. But, it is very important to go see a gynecologist as soon as you’re ready.

woman in lab - The Biggest 3 Differences between Obstetrics and Gynecology


The obstetrics guide the woman throughout all of the pregnancy, from the conception of giving birth, and also the whole postpartum period. These types of doctors, try to give the woman the most pleasant experience when giving birth, taking them into a safe and planned pregnancy.

Gynecology, on the other side, tries to guide the woman throughout her entire life, except for her pregnancy. Gynecology focuses more on the sexual aspect of the woman. Once you become sexually active it is recommended to look out for a gynecologist.


The obstetrician, have many services for woman, and one of them being fertility problems, which turn out to be a very normal and common issue in the lives of many women. The doctor will give you many solutions to try and solve this problem.

Fetal Diagnostic Procedures Is Also A Service They Offer.

The gynecologist gives an infinite amount of good and helpful services to look out for the health of the woman. Contraception and family planning is one of them, this service provides help with fertility and helps you have a more healthy family life.

Trust each one of these doctors, prepare yourself, read more information on the matter and the issue you want to solve, and enjoy your visit.

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