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Minor & James is a project which started a few years ago, opening the way to the most practical world of medical insurance. Specialized in the area of medicine, where you can access at any time if you care about your health and want to protect your back in any case of emergency.

Our goal is to please all our customers, who are satisfied with it, and who feel well-taken care by our expert team, as well as help them with any medical problem or pain they’re having.

Our team is fully qualified to attend any case you call and need the necessary medical attention. Professional graduates from different universities and specialized in different areas of medicine, a great sense of responsibility and willing to help.

Thanks to the support our customers have given us, we have grown incredibly in the market, being able to expand our service through different places and thus be able to cover the needs of people who are in different geographical places within the country.

You can blindly trust in Minor & James, we guarantee to provide the best medical service you can find in the area, providing solutions and help to any health problem anyone who acquires our service may be suffering.

The years we have been working for you have helped us to have more experience and to improve so that our service becomes an aid for you and not a burden. We’re the smartest option you can take to ensure the most important thing we all have, which is our health and our life.

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5 Important Tips to Know When Visiting the Emergency Room in a Hospital

emergency - 5 Important Tips to Know When Visiting the Emergency Room in a Hospital

When we are sick we may think our illness it’s a priority that must be cured ASAP. However, in an ER there are so many cases being treated simultaneously that we must consider if we really are a priority and try to help in doctors’ work. Being honest about the intensity of your sickness could be the best medicine to heal your body and mind.

Keep In Touch With Your Doctor

If you suffer of a particular or chronical sickness or condition, it is well recommended to have a doctor that keeps following your medical record then you can contact him instead of going into an emergency room to be treated.

Don’t Be Quiet

Rejecting the idea of calling to the emergency even when you’re feeling sick, and even if it worsens, just because you don’t like going to the hospital, it’s a pretty bad decision. If you don’t have a particular doctor to take care of you, then it’s time to take care of your health by yourself with help of specialized professional prepared to do so.

lobby - 5 Important Tips to Know When Visiting the Emergency Room in a Hospital

Don’t Go Out Without It

As some medicines and drugs could provoke side effect on you, if you’re not feeling good don’t forget to bring them once you go to the consultation, perhaps, the main origin of your pain or sickness starts with them.  Moreover, in case you have to wait to be seen in a hospital

Waiting for a Healing

Once you’re in the hospital waiting to be seen, try to measure your discomfort. It means that if it becomes worst you must alert somebody that you’re not feeling well. Therefore you could be seen sooner and avoid a more painful experience.

report - 5 Important Tips to Know When Visiting the Emergency Room in a Hospital

Don’t Lie

As it has been said at the beginning of this article, being honest it’s something we must take into account when visiting an emergency room. It is pretty bad that you pretend to be into a more painful state than it really is, just to be seen faster. It could make you receive a wrong prescription and even worst it could make someone else in worse state waits a lot more.

ERs are places in which everyone works a lot to keep life saved so if you want help to have this goal done try to think of those tips and help to make this happen.

How to Choose a Otolaryngologist according to John Burgoyne

doc - How to Choose a Otolaryngologist according to John Burgoyne

John Burgoyne is a specialized doctor as an otolaryngologist and head and neck surgery. He had his career at the University of Utah and currently serves clients in Seattle. He’s one of the best specialists in the city, and he gave us some tips to know how to choose a great otolaryngologist:

What Is It?

The Otolaryngologist is the ear, nose or throat (ENT) specialist, who will be in charge of reviewing any problem, pain or illness located in any of those places. In case you need one, it’s because you have some kind of constant discomfort in some of those three places.

doctor - How to Choose a Otolaryngologist according to John Burgoyne


You can check how much experience they have about ENT because it’s your health that will be at stake, so the more experience they have in these cases the better the result will be for you and confidence will also grow, said Dr. John.

You can even search it from the internet since many users put their experiences and criticisms on some doctors in particular.


Communication is very important, especially with your doctor because he’s the one who should tell you all your symptoms or pains to know what to do, if you don’t have enough confidence, you can change it.

But you should always tell everything that’s happening to you in reference to anything from ENT, and see if he calms your doubts or helps you to clarify them because that’s the most important.

Check If They Have ENT Credentials

One of the best bits of advice Dr. John gives is to check the credentials of ENT which they have corresponded to the association gives them, that way you will know if it’s a truly qualified doctor to evaluate you, sufficiently trained.

And there you can also check if the doctor hasn’t had any problems with a patient for bad practice or other things.


Through the references is one of the best ways to find out which is the best doctor in your area. Try to be sure the information you are giving is true, so you can call any consultant they give you and ask.

Only you can take care of you enough, worry about any symptom or strange pain you see or feel, go to the people who know more, the doctors so you can have a proper care with yourself.

5 Pulmonary Diseases and Illnesses to Beware of

hand - 5 Pulmonary Diseases and Illnesses to Beware of

Respiratory diseases can be a more common problem than we imagine in our society. Sometimes they’re inherited, others are because we are very exposed to some toxic environment, and one of the most serious is smoking. Here we leave some types of pulmonary diseases we must be careful of:

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

It’s one of the most delicate since it makes it difficult for you to breathe or exhale. Even many people don’t detect it at the moment because the symptoms confuse them with other mild respiratory diseases. People who smokes are the ones most exposed to this type of disease and it’s not a good thing, trust me.

inhaler - 5 Pulmonary Diseases and Illnesses to Beware of


It’s one of the most common, some cases aren’t so extreme, but you have to be careful with it.

Breathing is difficult because the airways are inflamed. They’re sensitive to an allergic reaction, infection or exposure to toxic environments, just as this type of thing can also cause asthma too.


It’s a COPD too, but at an advanced level, it’s also very common in people who have smoked for many years as it damages the lungs.

For patients coming from this illness, the use of oxygen is even required to help breathe, and although it’s something that isn’t cured, it can be treated and controlled by professionals, with due care the patient must have.

Cystic Fibrosis

This disease isn’t one of the most common, but it’s one of the most serious. It’s caused by some defective gene which affects your system by mucus that generates and affects the respiratory passages. It’s even very exposed to bacteria or infections.

smoking - 5 Pulmonary Diseases and Illnesses to Beware of

Lung Cancer

Very common for people who smoke, and in many cases, it’s not so easy to detect for the place where they located in the lungs. It’s one of the most common cancers suffered by people and this prevents the lungs from working properly.

The lungs are one of the most vital organs of our body, which is why we must provide great care and avoid anything that may affect them in the short or long term.

6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Hematology Professional

man in microscope - 6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Hematology Professional

A specialist in hematology is the one in charge of treating patients suffering from any disease in the blood. Dealing with such delicate health issues, it’s necessary to find someone with a lot of experience and knowledge. Here, we have some tips to find the right hematologist:


Nothing better to guide you than the references of anyone close to you, because they’re experiences which themselves have lived and can tell you how it was everything if it’s good and more.

You can also search for references through the internet because now everything is more accessible thanks to it.

microscope - 6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Hematology Professional


The hospital where the doctor attends also can say many things of him. So you should advise on the quality that guarantees in the place, especially in the case of hospitalizations, so as to know if it will be worth the expense in the hospital.

The Greater the Experience, the Better the Result

To feel more secure, you can also verify how wide the doctor’s experience is since it will show you how much knowledge about the area has and will give you more confidence when it comes to trusting him.

First Is Your Comfort

The first thing it must happen is that you feel comfortable with said doctor, in particular, if the problem is the gender of the hematologist, don’t waste your time and change it to one who makes you feel more at ease.

taking blood - 6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Hematology Professional

Check Your Insurance

You should also verify your insurance is broad enough to also cover this type of consultation or any type of treatment with the hematologist, and in case of doing so, you must notify the doctor.


Some hospitals have the option of “patient satisfaction surveys”, where each one will be able to reveal if the experience with that specific doctor, the environment in the hospital, how long it took, if it was friendly or not, and many other things satisfactory or disappointing. So you can also check the information.

Health comes first, so if you feel symptoms or have been previously diagnosed with a disease, the important thing is to go to the doctor and know what to do. In the case of hematologists, there are many which are excellent, so you can feel in good hands.

3 Things to Expect from your Endocrinologist

doctor surgeon - 3 Things to Expect from your Endocrinologist

Endocrinology is considered to be the study of hormone problems and diseases. Making the endocrinologist able to diagnose and cure these diseases.  However, not many people are entirely sure to what an endocrinologist actually does and what to expect when going to an appointment. Here are 4 things our team gathered to help you understand that a little bit better:

Know What You Are Looking For

An endocrinologist is basically focused on diseases which primarily affect the glands and the glands and hormones. If you have diabetes, menopause or even metabolic disorder, you’ll be immediately sent to an endocrinologist.

When it’s the first time you go to an endocrinologist, there are a few things they’re bound to ask you, such like, if you are currently under any medication, this, can affect your organism and can cause the problem you are struggling with.  Also, to prescribe any medication, he needs to make sure it won’t have any secondary effects when mixed to the regular medicines you take.

Check Your Family History

He will also ask for your family history, this is very helpful because there are many diseases which are inherited, and if your family has any important diseases in their DNA then you’re most like to inherit such disease.

When going to an endocrinologist there are a few things you have to keep in mind, in order to have a pleasant experience.

girl doctor - 3 Things to Expect from your Endocrinologist

Call Your Doctor First

Must of the times in its recommended to let your doctor know you’re going and that you have an appointment if the case is you’re going to ER, and then this becomes almost obligatory.

Don’t Lie

Don’t ever lie to your doctor about your symptoms, in order to help you, and heal you they need to know what it is exactly that you are feeling.

The idea is you feel trust, and safe when you go see your doctor. Keep all of these things in mind, in order to be prepared and have everything in hand when your doctor asks. We hope it turns into a pleasant experience.

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