emergency - 5 Important Tips to Know When Visiting the Emergency Room in a Hospital

5 Important Tips to Know When Visiting the Emergency Room in a Hospital

When we are sick we may think our illness it’s a priority that must be cured ASAP. However, in an ER there are so many cases being treated simultaneously that we must consider if we really are a priority and try to help in doctors’ work. Being honest about the intensity of your sickness could be the best medicine to heal your body and mind.

Keep In Touch With Your Doctor

If you suffer of a particular or chronical sickness or condition, it is well recommended to have a doctor that keeps following your medical record then you can contact him instead of going into an emergency room to be treated.

Don’t Be Quiet

Rejecting the idea of calling to the emergency even when you’re feeling sick, and even if it worsens, just because you don’t like going to the hospital, it’s a pretty bad decision. If you don’t have a particular doctor to take care of you, then it’s time to take care of your health by yourself with help of specialized professional prepared to do so.

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Don’t Go Out Without It

As some medicines and drugs could provoke side effect on you, if you’re not feeling good don’t forget to bring them once you go to the consultation, perhaps, the main origin of your pain or sickness starts with them.  Moreover, in case you have to wait to be seen in a hospital

Waiting for a Healing

Once you’re in the hospital waiting to be seen, try to measure your discomfort. It means that if it becomes worst you must alert somebody that you’re not feeling well. Therefore you could be seen sooner and avoid a more painful experience.

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Don’t Lie

As it has been said at the beginning of this article, being honest it’s something we must take into account when visiting an emergency room. It is pretty bad that you pretend to be into a more painful state than it really is, just to be seen faster. It could make you receive a wrong prescription and even worst it could make someone else in worse state waits a lot more.

ERs are places in which everyone works a lot to keep life saved so if you want help to have this goal done try to think of those tips and help to make this happen.

hand - 5 Pulmonary Diseases and Illnesses to Beware of

5 Pulmonary Diseases and Illnesses to Beware of

Respiratory diseases can be a more common problem than we imagine in our society. Sometimes they’re inherited, others are because we are very exposed to some toxic environment, and one of the most serious is smoking. Here we leave some types of pulmonary diseases we must be careful of:

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

It’s one of the most delicate since it makes it difficult for you to breathe or exhale. Even many people don’t detect it at the moment because the symptoms confuse them with other mild respiratory diseases. People who smokes are the ones most exposed to this type of disease and it’s not a good thing, trust me.

inhaler - 5 Pulmonary Diseases and Illnesses to Beware of


It’s one of the most common, some cases aren’t so extreme, but you have to be careful with it.

Breathing is difficult because the airways are inflamed. They’re sensitive to an allergic reaction, infection or exposure to toxic environments, just as this type of thing can also cause asthma too.


It’s a COPD too, but at an advanced level, it’s also very common in people who have smoked for many years as it damages the lungs.

For patients coming from this illness, the use of oxygen is even required to help breathe, and although it’s something that isn’t cured, it can be treated and controlled by professionals, with due care the patient must have.

Cystic Fibrosis

This disease isn’t one of the most common, but it’s one of the most serious. It’s caused by some defective gene which affects your system by mucus that generates and affects the respiratory passages. It’s even very exposed to bacteria or infections.

smoking - 5 Pulmonary Diseases and Illnesses to Beware of

Lung Cancer

Very common for people who smoke, and in many cases, it’s not so easy to detect for the place where they located in the lungs. It’s one of the most common cancers suffered by people and this prevents the lungs from working properly.

The lungs are one of the most vital organs of our body, which is why we must provide great care and avoid anything that may affect them in the short or long term.